March 2017

Dear Rotarians,

A new month is upon us. It seems like yesterday I was attending a party here a party there. Now the weather is turning warmer. They sky will turn a little more blue than gray, with seasonal depression disappearing for the summer. This brings about more outdoor activities.

For me the change in weather is very exciting for my family and myself. I enjoy anytime I can get out for a round of golf or a few holes. For my family this is the start of getting the boat ready for the upcoming season. We have such a fantastic resources in Lake Erie that is valuable to the North Coast of Ohio. For a lot of us our drinking water we use comes from the lake, along with washing clothes, cars, showers, etc. Lake Erie is valuable for the economy of Ohio. Cleveland has expanded the amount of products that are being exported and imported on an annual basis. The lake allows us to cool ourselves on a warm summer day, enjoy the many beaches or go out for a relaxing sail enjoying a beautiful sun set.

Lake Erie is an important symbol of what it means to be an Ohioan. Lake Erie to me is a point of pride. It has provided a lot of good memories to my family. The Lake needs our help as it is being challenged by us. Over the last few years we have all read the articles or seen the news stories in regards to the Algae Blooms. Many of us know family members or friends that have been affected by the Toledo water shortage a few years ago. Lake Erie has provided so much, we have taken so much from it and we have not as a whole respected it for what it does for us.

March is Water and Sanitation Month. Water is one of those luxuries that we take for granted. I ask there are two things that you do this month. First is to visit This is great website to learn about what is happening and how it happens on our water front. Secondly is to be a little more conscientious of your water decisions. If while your brushing your teeth and you leave the water run (I'm a culprit), turn it off in between. If you take longer showers, try shortening it by a min or two. If you enjoy washing your car, do it at a self service car wash or in a garage with a drain. These little things can have a major effect on the resource and enjoyment we call Lake Erie.

Thank you,

Greg Beier